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Sport Talent Identification

Unlock your students’ athletic potential with our unique assessment, designed to reveal their natural aptitude across 55 sports disciplines in just an hour! Perfect for guiding children aged 6-16 towards the sports they’re born to excel in, ensuring a future filled with passion and achievement in the activities they love.

Sport talent Sportify

TGMD – Test of Gross Motor Development

Empower student success with the TGMD! This essential tool regularly assesses and nurtures physical skills, laying a strong foundation for lifelong active and healthy living.

Motor Skills Sportify

Body Posture Analysis

Enhance student wellness with our proactive posture program! Addressing the rise of posture-related issues due to modern technology, we offer tailored exercises to correct alignment and prevent chronic diseases. Invest in your students’ future health and success!

Posture Kids Sportify

Future Footprint Scan

Introducing the Future Footprint Scan: A vital analysis tool designed to safeguard proper foot development in students. Elevate your school’s commitment to student health and well-being, ensuring a stable and healthy foundation for every child!


Height Estimation

Unlock insights into your students’ growth patterns with our Height Estimation service! Accurately anticipate height outcomes and support their developmental journey, fostering a comprehensive understanding of each child’s unique growth trajectory.

Height Estimation

Physical Fitness

Invigorate your students’ daily routine with our Physical Fitness program! Regular fitness sessions are designed to keep them active, energetic, and in top health, paving the way for a lifetime of wellness and vitality.

Fitness School

After-School Fitness Fix

Transform your students’ well-being with our After-School Fitness Fix! Tailored to address physical challenges and promote robust health, our sessions add a burst of energy and confidence to every child’s day. Enhance your school’s commitment to student health with our engaging and transformative fitness program!

After school

Fundamental Motor Skills Training

Empower your students with our Fundamental Motor Skills Training! Specifically designed for holistic physical development, our focused training nurtures essential motor skills, laying the groundwork for future success in any physical activity. Enhance your school’s physical education curriculum with us!

Motor Skills

Sport Talent

Discover your child’s natural aptitude across 55 sports disciplines in just an hour.

AED 5900

TGMD – Test of Gross Motor Development

Evaluate your child’s gross motor skills and identify areas of strength and improvement.

AED 5900

Body Posture

Ensure your child maintains a healthy posture from a young age.

AED 5900

Future Footprint Scan

A detailed analysis of your child’s foot to ensure proper development and balance.

AED 5900

Height Estimation

Predictive analysis of your child’s growth trajectory and potential height.

AED 5900

Corrective Exercises

Custom exercises to help address any physical developmental challenges.

AED 5900

Fun Fitness Classes

Structured classes focused on enhancing basic motor skills like running, jumping, coordination, balance, catch, and throw.

AED 5900

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