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Science-based Personal Training - Private

Embark on a transformative journey to peak fitness with our Personal Training program! Tailored to your unique needs, we offer a holistic 4-step approach to shed pounds, sculpt muscles, and skyrocket energy. Enjoy personalized workouts, expert assessments, and unwavering support. Your path to vibrant health and astounding vitality starts here!

Fitness Sportify

Body Posture Analysis

Embrace a future of impeccable posture and robust health! Our academy is at the forefront of combating posture-related issues, providing personalized exercises to correct alignment and prevent chronic diseases. Take control of your well-being and thrive!

Posture Analysis - Sportify

Nourish & Flourish Diet Plans

Transform your well-being with Nourish & Flourish Diet Plans! Dive into a world of tailored nutrition advice and sustainable healthy eating strategies designed just for you. Let’s embark on a delicious journey to vibrant health together!

Diet plan

Sport Talent

Discover your child’s natural aptitude across 55 sports disciplines in just an hour.

AED 5900

TGMD – Test of Gross Motor Development

Evaluate your child’s gross motor skills and identify areas of strength and improvement.

AED 5900

Body Posture

Ensure your child maintains a healthy posture from a young age.

AED 5900

Future Footprint Scan

A detailed analysis of your child’s foot to ensure proper development and balance.

AED 5900

Height Estimation

Predictive analysis of your child’s growth trajectory and potential height.

AED 5900

Corrective Exercises

Custom exercises to help address any physical developmental challenges.

AED 5900

Fun Fitness Classes

Structured classes focused on enhancing basic motor skills like running, jumping, coordination, balance, catch, and throw.

AED 5900

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